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When I started “Race to the Middle” I intended to create a blog for the moderate voice and a platform to publish some creative pieces I had written. As a gifted education advocate I found that many of my posts were focused on gifted education issues and current legislation to eliminate or preserve gifted education funding in Ohio. Happily, Race to the Middle gained a very large following as a result. Sadly, my original plan for the blog voice was starting to fade.

Not wanting to abandon either effort and thrilled at the prospect of building a community of gifted education advocates through the meme of social media I decided to create yet another blog, “High Ability,” on WordPress. For the time being I have duplicated posts on both sites. But Google doesn’t like that very much. So as of May 1st 2009 all gifted posts will be on the High Ability blog and visitors to Race to the Middle looking for information on gifted advocacy issues will be redirected.

Update: The High Ability blog was such a successful voice for gifted education that it became the only blog I regularly posted to – and that’s a good thing. But I recently accepted a position (beginning on November 30, 2009) as manager of web and social media for a foundation dedicated to reforming education. As such I could no longer maintain the High Ability blog without conflict. Happily, the Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) has agreed to assume the blog.


Newmediacy is a blog I write with my husband Paul Bernish. It focuses on new media transitions for old media types. This blog is written for professional communicators to explore the differences and opportunities in the evolution of our field. Newmediacy also has its own Twitter “handle” (@Newmediacy) and welcomes guest bloggers and commentary from other communications professionals.

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