OAGC Teacher Division Chat

The Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) Teacher Division recently created a Twitter chat “to inspire and equip educators committed to the appropriate education of gifted children.” I am very pleased to be a featured guest on the upcoming #OAGCTDChat topic “Effective Advocacy: What Does it Look Like?” this coming Sunday, November 23rd at 9:00 PM EST.

OAGC Teacher Division


“Being an advocate is part of being a teacher. In this chat we are going to discuss what is means to be an advocate, and what kinds of resources do we need to give our parents, teachers, and administrators to help our gifted students get the best educational experiences possible. We will discuss some was to encourage advocates while facing challenges in today’s society.
Check the Chat Calendar for dates and topics for our chat on selected Sundays 9pm. Follow #oagctdchat on Twitter or check the website for a schedule of future events.”

Also, check out some great resources for parents and teachers.

Jeanne Bernish

News junkie. Advocate for high ability children and encouraging girls in pursuing STEM fields. Believer in the power of technology to transform education. Find me on Twitter @JeanneBernish.

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