Is it Bedtime Yet? Join #STEMchat Next Week

by Jeanne Bernish on June 20, 2013

Graduation (and party), end of school year, a harrowing reorg at work and the season finale of Game of Thrones left me asking myself if it was bedtime yet just about every day until we left for our annual trek to the beach.

I managed to get through it all and also accept an opportunity to contribute to a soon-to-launch parent blog sponsored by Bedtime Math. I love the concept of bedtime math. Last year I wrote about how parents with few math skills can still provide a strong foundation for their children in the subject. Bedtime Math was not around when my children were at that read-to-me age. If it had been our evening routine would have incorporated it (I have since run into several people with young children who subscribe to the daily math email) and, although the book won’t be out until next week, you can check them out now on Facebook.

bedtime math book

The concept behind bedtime math is simple. If you ever read a bedtime story to your children you already know the joy of connecting over a book – and the confidence regular reading can instill in a child. In a delightful change on the bedtime reading routine, Bedtime Math founder Laura Overdeck and her husband decided to enhance their children’s bedtime routine with a daily math problem. Intended for young kids through elementary schoolers (three different levels of problems are offered each night) the bedtime math problem is also available through email subscription via their website.

On June 25th, Overdeck is releasing her book: Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay up Late. If you want to learn more about Bedtime Math – and how to begin to incorporate fun math (yes, I wrote fun + math) into your evening routine, please join the sponsored #STEMchat and #BTMath hashtag on Twitter on Tuesday, June 25 from 9 – 10 PM Eastern. Panelists will include yours truly and:

@Bedtime Math

Candace Lindemann, @CandaceApril, is mom, military wife, nationally recognized educator and prolific writer whose work can be seen at her site, Naturally Educational as well as at Lifetime Moms and around the web. She’s also a new Bedtime Math blogger.

Melanie Edwards, @ModernMami, is an engineer with a background in information technology who blogs at Modern Mami and around the web. She’s also a new Bedtime Math blogger.

Fred Goodall, @MochaDad is a writer, speaker, education advocate who writes at

And @KimMoldofsky (AKA @STEMchat), The Maker Mom and founder of monthly #STEMchats on Twitter designed to bring parents, educators and STEM professionals together to share resources and ideas to raise STEM-loving kids.

This post and the upcoming Twitter chat is sponsored in whole or in part by Bedtime Math.


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