Gifted Programs and Common Core

Back in February the Thomas B. Fordham Institute hosted a panel discussion on “Common Core and America’s High Achieving Students,” a report by Jonathan A. Plucker, Raymond Neag Endowed Professor of Education, University of Connecticut. The report seeks to shed light on what the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will mean for high ability students. The news isn’t great – but not for why you might think. In general the CCSS raises the academic standards for many schools. That’s the good news. But will the higher standards be used as an excuse to do away with gifted interventions? In a word, and for many schools, yes.

Moderated by Chester E. Finn, Jr. the panelists included @JonathanPlucker,  Tricia Ebner, a Gifted Intervention Specialist from my home state of Ohio, and Rena Subotnik, Director, Center for Psychology in Schools and Education, American Psychological Association.

Jeanne Bernish

News junkie. Advocate for high ability children and encouraging girls in pursuing STEM fields. Believer in the power of technology to transform education. Find me on Twitter @JeanneBernish.

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