Empowering Girls Through “Glitter” Science

During the summer I had an opportunity to attend KikiLIVE 2.0, a one day creative STEM experience designed for 5th-9th grade girls. Hosted by the creative folks over at Kiki Magazine, the event provided opportunities for girls to explore how technology is pushing the boundaries of fashion.

The girls raced from room to room at Cincinnati Country Day School where the event was held. Between testing fabric in a chem lab to building circuits and exploring Arduino projects, I was struck by how large a role STEM plays in fashion. What fabric makes sense for a handbag design accounting not only for fashion but strength, absorption, flammability, etc. and how do you (safely) test for these attributes? Did you know there is conductive thread as well as paint for circuit building and e-textile projects? What can you create using random bits of old toys and game pieces for building blocks? You can check out some of the stations offered during the event here – but if you want to get a sense of the energy and excitement from the day, check out this short video recap:

Jeanne Bernish

News junkie. Advocate for high ability children and encouraging girls in pursuing STEM fields. Believer in the power of technology to transform education. Find me on Twitter @JeanneBernish.

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