Davidson Institute for Talent Development

For many years I have appreciated the wealth of information the Davidson Institute has provided parents of high ability children. I wish I’d lived in Nevada so we could have taken advantage of their programs! That said, it was with great pleasure I received a request from them to publish an advocacy article I prepared for an OAGC Conference parent presentation back in 2008 (and which also appears under the “Gfited Hub” on this blog): Advocacy for Gifted Students.

I first came across Davidson as a parent at the end of the public school rope. A friend introduced me to “Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds” and it deepened my understanding of how and why a democratic system of public education could so fail so miserably at educating profoundly and exceptionally gifted children. Think your school has a great gifted program? Check out Gifted Education Policies across the U.S. to see if your school or state is truly offering appropriate opportunities for highly and exceptionally gifted students – or just providing lip service.

A consistent application of democratic education requires differentiation for all students – even the gifted ones. Schools that do not accommodate these learners place them in highly restrictive environments. No wonder they fail to thrive.




Jeanne Bernish

News junkie. Advocate for high ability children and encouraging girls in pursuing STEM fields. Believer in the power of technology to transform education. Find me on Twitter @JeanneBernish.

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