Countdown #Ohio

by Jeanne Bernish on November 4, 2012

Sunday morning before the election in Southwest Ohio is bright and cold – one of those crisp fall days that cries out for a football party with chili dip and an evening bonfire with neighbors. How curious that a state so absorbed in just living, working, playing, growing, harvesting and planting is thrown into the national spotlight every four years. Perhaps it is that quirky mix of farmland, industry and technology that gives us that privilege. I estimate that I responded to half a dozen polling calls (and one “push poll” for Josh Mandel) before we stopped answering our land line several weeks ago. Both eligible voters in our home have already voted absentee – I expect the calls would have been more numerous if we hadn’t. No one has come to our door, at least when I’ve been home. But we have had neighbors tag our mailboxes with campaign literature. And a quick perusal of the morning news could be summed up in the following tweet from @MHarlow23:

Republicans happy that Michael Barone predicts Romney win. Democrats happy that Dick Morris predicts Romney win.

As of this morning the election outcome prediction is still too close to call.

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