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First, do no harm.

True to the promise

My own opinion was formed as I went to bed – I really believed that Romney owned it. This was somewhat confirmed by my Yellow dog Democrat husband who was audibly crashing around the kitchen after the debate and shouting out angrily during it (we watched the debate in separate rooms on separate floors of the house.) I will say that Romney was well prepared by his sparring partner Ohio Senator Rob Portman. Obama seemed tired, annoyed and ill prepared.

The Debates and Social Media

Juicing the numbers? You bet. Not only is it extremely likely that both campaigns will have salted the stream with nuggets of tweets (even going so far as to publish suggested tweets to enthusiastic followers) but hashtags will be appropriated, promotions parried, and retweets employed by both parties to both amplify and mock.

I will not be participating in the Twitter folly tomorrow night. I believe the presidential debates are too important to be viewed through the filter of social media. I also make it a practice to never, and I mean NEVER, watch the commentator responses immediately following a debate. I prefer to sit back and synthesize everything I have heard – framing the statements, bravado and truth meter. Check back here on Thursday for my take aways.

Politics and writing

Whoa. I just noticed that an entire month has whipped by with nary a blog post on Race to the Middle. And here we are entering one of the most exciting election cycles in recent history. I haven’t been idle – I have been blogging away on World of Learning and creating digital profiles for… Read More »

Clawing back your data – the promise of Lent

So this year for Lent our family is trying something a little different. We have sworn off our big beautiful grocery store. For the forty days of Lent we are only shopping for fresh produce and dairy (at the local fresh produce store) and meat (corner butcher store) and living out of our pantry. Sure we’ll miss out on 10 cents off gas – but I drive a hybrid anyway, so really, what’s that worth? What do I hope to accomplish? A clean pantry and freezer. Some creative cooking. And a temporary end to the data mining of my weekly grocery inventory.