High Academic Ability

The Importance of Being Wilder

June 27, 2012

Our annual beach vacation goes something like this: we set up shop at the beach and park it there until we are too sunburned to venture forth in the midday sun (usually about mid-week). Then my husband starts to talk about “driving up the coast a bit” to see what’s new. And that’s where he […]

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Blended Learning – Round Two

April 20, 2012

Blended learning is the most recent buzzword ine education reform these days. Parents of high ability children have sought out and implemented blended learning for decades to helo meet the education needs of their children. What has belnded learning taught them?

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Digital learning and the high ability student

September 5, 2011

Online or digital learning has been the go-to resource for parents of high ability students for quite some time. What online or digital resources have you found to be the most engaging or successful for your student?

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Much Ado About Value Added

September 6, 2010

The concept is simply this: that by identifying those students who, year after year, show up to school already at or above grade level – students who would ordinarily be doomed to relearning what they already know – we can provide them with suitable interventions so that they can actually learn something. Holding schools accountable for adding value – or teaching a year’s worth of material – can demonstrate the shortcomings of limited differentiation and encourage teachers and schools to identify and serve high ability students – rather than allowing them to languish and, in some cases, tune out to learning completely.

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Pitfalls in Listening to Experts

July 5, 2010

The most troubling statement Hemphill makes? “Children need to learn that hard work is more important than being born with a high IQ.” Such venom!

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New Blog For Gifted Education Issues at Highability

April 26, 2009

When I started “Race to the Middle” I intended to create a blog for the moderate voice and a platform to publish some creative pieces I had written. As a gifted education advocate I found that many of my posts were focused on gifted education issues and current legislation to eliminate or preserve gifted education […]

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House Addresses Funding Language

April 22, 2009

The brilliant moment in all of this was hearing Representative Connie Pillich speak to the sheer number of letters and email messages they received from one particular constituency – gifted education advocates.

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The Trouble with Geniuses – Part Two?

April 14, 2009

just when I think we (a loosely knit cadre of gifted education advocates) have eked out a public education compromise that makes sense, someone pulls the rug out from beneath me.

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The Trouble With Geniuses

April 5, 2009

The assumption that very smart people can find their own way in this world is a false one – many fail to achieve what they are capable of because they lack the opportunity or support.

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Education Discussion – Dog Chases Tail, Part Two

March 14, 2009

Why our nation can not rely upon the States to solve the crisis in gifted education funding or support.

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