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About Jeanne Bernish

I am a professional writer and communicator with a specialty in social media platforms and an interest in politics, education policy and meeting the needs of academically gifted students. Definitely a dog person. Find me on Twitter @JeanneBernish.

Screening for Gold

While in elementary school and after the end of the year assessments required by our district and state my son’s teacher told her third grade class that there was one more test to take: but this one was a fun test. Not only did they not have to take it seriously, but they could make… Read More »

STEM and the Gifted Girl

I consider myself fortunate to have enjoyed raising a boy and a girl, each of whom have had more than a passing interest in maths, technology and science. As a mom I have always been on the lookout for activities which supported their interests, especially during the summer months. But I have also been troubled at the lack… Read More »