“They call it “Race to the Top,” but it really isn’t about the top at all; it’s about achieving grade-level proficiency, which does nothing to help gifted kids. We believe it is the responsibility of public schools to provide appropriate education to all children.” Jane Clarenbach, Director of Public Education, National Association for Gifted Children

This blog is my effort to present a moderate voice in a world I believe is often motivated by extremes – particularly in the area of public education. Left behind are students with great academic potential as we collectively push all students to the middle rather than allowing academically gifted students to move at their own pace.

There are lessons learned here about transforming traditional education to best serve the needs of the individual and there are significant opportunities for gifted children to pursue their passions. The question remains: will education reform open doors for students with academic abilities 2 SDs from the mean? Or will it continue to deny them an appropriate education?

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